Sunday, October 4, 2015


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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

31 Days Of Halloween Workshop

This new workshop is a jam packed one with 31 projects. That gives you a new creation for everyday in October. I will be making these characters on chunky pages & artist trading cards but you can alter them and size them in any way you would like to fit your project. I will be using Copic markers, watercolor, Twinkling H20 paints, pencils, and acrylic. These can all be easily substituted for whatever supplies you would like. Since there is so many projects in this workshop I will be putting together a couple videos explaining how I am using supplies and basic drawing techniques such as drawing a face and then the actual projects will be showing you step by step but without talking. I feel it would be too repetitive to explain the same basics over and over. I will have a full supply list with color selections for each project and I will show everything from beginning to end so you can easily duplicate them all.
The workshop is scheduled to start on October 1.
The lesson videos are available to watch online and for download so you can watch them anytime. You work at your own pace and there is no deadline!

These are a collection of some of my favorite Halloween art from the last couple years and I am using them as the inspiration for this workshop

31 Days Of Halloween Fee $85

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whimsical Portraits Workshop

Whimsical Portraits Workshop!!!
In this workshop we will be drawing
beautiful big eye girls!
This is a mixed media workshop and
I will explain and show everything step by step.
You do not need a lot of supplies for 
this workshop but use them if you have them!
The basics will be colored pencils, black india ink,
acrylics, and watercolors. 
You can dive as deep as you would like
 with layers and other supplies.
Many things can be substituted but I will
list out everything I use in case you want to duplicate it.
We will complete 5 paintings and these
can be done on paper or in a journal. It's up to you!
Video lessons are downloadable and you can watch them
as many times as you like with no deadlines!

Whimsical Portraits Workshop $85

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Big Eye Girls In Full Color Workshop

In this workshop we will be drawing these awesome 
big eye girls and then using a rainbow of colors
 to experiment with alternative skin colors. 
We will be using teals, blues, greens, purples, pinks, 
and anything else you feel! 
We will be doing these on music paper or book pages
 and they would work great in art journals. 
Then at the end I will show you how I painted on
 glass to give a layered look to the painting when it's framed.
 We will be completing 5 paintings and it will spark
 all kinds of creativity for you to paint colorful girls on everything!
Video lessons are downloadable so you can watch over & over
and you work at your own pace. No deadlines!

 Workshop Fee $85

Empowerment Hearts Workshop

In this workshop we will be creating hearts from clay
 and making these awesome mixed media ornaments 
& wall hangings. They can be easily personalized for gifts
 and are so much fun to make. 
The workshop will start on June 15. 

 Workshop Fee $45